No More Hiroshimas – No More Nagasakis

Zum 71. Mal jähren sich heuer die einzigen, kriegsmäßig eingesetzten Atombombenabwürfe über den japanischen Städten Hiroshima und Nagasaki durch die US-Luftwaffe am 6. August bzw. 9. August 1945. Hunderttausende Menschen starben sofort – viele weitere erkrankten und leiden bis heute an den Folgen dieses Infernos.

This year marks the 71st anniversary of the only time nuclear warheads were dropped, the bombings of the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki executed by the US Air Force on August 6th and August 9th 1945. The consequence of this inferno were the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and victims suffering from resulting illnesses up today.

Social Media Activities

#HiroshimaDay #NagasakiDay Tweetmap

The Tweetmap tracks twitter communication on nuclear weapons and nuclear disarmament in realtime and displays the 1000 most recent tweets on a world map according to the tweet’s geolocation, if provided or else the twitter user’s profile location.
The Tweetmap is a useful advocacy tool, as we can see not only what governments do, but what a variety of actors say: civil society, opinion leaders, the wider public, media, think-tanks, experts, scientists all over the world send condensed messages out into the world, and we capture them on a single page.
For the purpose of the commemoration of Hiroshima & Nagasaki a special marker was added tracking #HiroshimaDay and #NagasakiDay

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Webinar: „A nuclear weapon free world: 71 – years in the making – is there an end in sight?“

Friday, August 5th 2016 – 9.00pm
WILPF is organizing this webinar, to bring together key anti-nuclear campaigners to assess the state of play of nuclear disarmament and discuss how the humanitarian approach to nuclear disarmament might be just what we need to to bring us closer to our goal of a nuclear weapon free world. More information HERE



Samstag, 6. August 2016 – ab 18 Uhr

Gedenkveranstaltung für die Opfer von Hiroshima&Nagasaki und für die Abschaffung von Nuklearwaffen, mit:

  • Präsentation von Grußadressen prominenter Österreicher*innen, Politiker*innen, Vertreter*innen der Zivilgesellschaft
  • Reden von Vertreter/innen zahlreicher Friedensgruppen
  • Laternenmarsch vom Stephansplatz zum Teich vor der Karlskirche (ab 20.30 Uhr)

Bei Schlechtwetter findet die Veranstaltung im DOMCAFE, A – 1010 Wien, Stephansplatz 3, statt.


Saturday, August 6th 2016 – 6pm

Commemoration for the victims of Hiroshima&Nagasaki and for the abolition of nuclear weapons, with:

  • Presentation of messages of support from prominent Austrians, politicians, representatives of civil society
  • Speeches by representatives of the Austrian Peace Movement
  • Lantern parade to the pond in front of Karlskirche (at 8.30pm)

GENBAKU Gedenkveranstaltung

Freitag, 5. August 2016 – 12.00 bis 13.30 Uhr
Vienna International Centre (VIC), Rotunde, United Nations

GENBAKU NO HI, in Kooperation mit dem NGO Committee on Peace, Wien, und dem United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs in Wien

Anmeldung erforderlich! Nähere Information und Anmeldung HIER


Friday, August 5th 2016 – 12am-1.30pm
Vienna International Centre (VIC), Rotunde, United Nations

GENBAKU NO HI, in cooperation with the NGO Committee on Peace, Vienna, and the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs at Vienna

Registration needed! More Information HERE